By: Blonde Two

Things have all gone a bit Bronze Age up here on Dartmoor.  There is an amazing prehistoric photo exhibition at the Princetown High Moorland Visitor Centre (the photos themselves are not prehistoric).  You can take yourself off down to Plymouth (it’s ok, you don’t have to cross the Tamar Bridge) and see the prehistoric finds from Whitehorse Hill.  Or, if you are young and excitable, you can join in with the Bronze Age Dartmoor shenanigans at Postbridge Visitor Centre on October 25th.  Check out the Dartmoor National Park website for details of all of these.

In the meantime, we Blondes have a little Dartmoor/Bronze Age quiz for you:

1.  What is a reeve?

2.  When was the Bronze Age in Britain?

3.  What is bronze made of?

4.  Could you make bronze from materials mined on Dartmoor?

5.  What was used for weapons before bronze?

6.  What is a kistvaen?

7.  How many known cists (kistvaens) are there on Dartmoor?

8.  What made the roof of a Bronze Age roundhouse?

9.  What are the two ages either side of the Bronze Age called?

10.  Which is your favourite Dartmoor Bronze Age antiquity?

How did you do?  It is fascinating isn’t it and even more so if you take a Bimble across Dartmoor and find a bit of Bronze Age evidence for yourself!