By: Blonde Two

Hello everyone.  If you remember, last weekend, I set out on a mission to buy some summer weight trousers and came back trouserless (not literally) but with a very smart new RAB “Boreas” pull on soft shell top.

If there are any RAB aficionados out there, you will have spotted straight away that the Boreas is designed for blokes (the Aurora is the lady’s version).  If there are any Blonde aficionados out there, you will know that I am not a bloke. I do, however, tend to buy outdoor kit that is designed for men.  I have long arms, long legs and (as my Granny used to say) a long back.  A lot of girl kit leaves me with cold wrists, a gaping back and low slung crutch.

As far as I can see, the only differences are that the girly one comes in some prettier colours and the chap’s one has a pocket in the general left boob area instead of the side. The odd bust shape I experienced after trying to put my phone into the left boob pocket helped me to realise why this was, but I was pleased to note that there was enough room for those three essentials to outdoor girl survival – a lipsalve, a tampon and a hairtie.


It has been a lovely sunny Devon weekend with just enough breeze to allow me to test my RAB top out.  It seemed just about perfect for every situation:

1.  It wasn’t too hot and clingy when I was on the verge of sunburning and needed to cover up.

2.  In the breeze, the instant I put it on, I was warmer – it certainly seemed to live up to its windproof claims.

3.  It felt like silk to sleep in (even a camping lady loves silk next to her skin.)

4.  I put the hood up at midday (forgotten sunhat) and it didn’t make me feel too hot (it didn’t make me look “hot” either but you can’t have everything).

In short, this garment was perfect for the weather conditions and activities I was involved in this weekend.  It was probably designed for a muscle bound climber hanging off a windy cliff but I loved it and am going to struggle to take it off for work this morning.  Ask Blonde One how much I have talked about it this weekend.  I think she might be about to invest in one.

I have only one complaint about my lovely new “top/friend” and it is that the sleeves are so long that even on my long arms, they hang over the end of my fingers.  I am guessing that climber type people have long gorilla arms (isn’t that what the ape index is?).  I have been trying to think of ways of shortening the sleeves without causing damage or disfigurement but haven’t managed to so far.  Maybe if the lovely (and very clever) chaps and chapesses at RAB could let me know if they do an alteration service…