By: Blonde Two

A Blonde can have too much inside-ness in her life and that has certainly been the case recently for both Blonde One and Blonde Two.  So much so that tonight I volunteered to take Harry the Jack Russell out for his evening perambulation in the absolute pouringness of rain.  Mr Blonde Two usually does it and should be commended for his lack of moaning about the fact that he is doing the actual walking while I sit and write about it.

It turned out to be absolutely the best thing to do.  You know how having a cold shower after a sauna is such a shock that you are momentarily aware only of the coldness? Well going out and letting the rain run all down my face had pretty much the same effect.  I was enjoying it so much that I didn’t even notice that I had walked past “scary red gate” in the dark without stepping into the road.  By the time I had splashed my Meindls around in a selection of leafy puddles, I was all that is cheerful and a wee bit less weary.  I even burst into loud song (one of the advantages of rainy days is that there are not many people around).  Tonight’s rendition was of “Raindrops on Roses” and seemed to echo very loudly down the wet road.

For once even Harry the Dog seemed to be enjoying getting wet.  He usually shuffles in the rain, does what dogs do and then insists on dragging his human home again the quick way.  He was definitely revelling with me in the “rain on your face” thing but probably didn’t enjoy getting told off for rubbing himself all over the lounge carpet when we got home.


I wanted to capture the wet moment for you but am really not sure how you are supposed to photograph rain (would love some photography lessons one day).  I tried puddles with leaves, puddles without leaves and odd streetlight patterns.  None were particularly effective but I have included my favourite here – those big lines are not messengers from god or alien landings, they are actual, real raindrops.

I know that rain is just big mist and that I have been moaning about the mist but I have decided that I don’t mind rain nearly as much.