By: Blonde Two

“Testimonial”, “testament”, “ovation”, “homage”, “testimony”, “recommendation”, “reference”.

All of the above words mean more or less the same thing, but I have to say, that I don’t really like any of them

If you look to the left of this blog post, you will see the word, “Testimonial”.  It is an irritation but my web skills weren’t up to changing it.  What this title should read is, “Why do you read this blog?” because that is what we Blondes would really like to find out.

We have been blogging for two years now (our “blog-a-day” goal will be two years old on January 1st) and we would like to know if we are still keeping our audience happy.  If we are, you might like to be lovely and tell us why in the comment box below.  If we are failing in our goal, you might like to very gently tell us why.

We Blondes look forward to what you are going to say, (bites nails and shivers in trepidation)!

PS  You may have noticed that the “Testimonial” comment to the left is a bit over-exuberant.  I have no idea why 😉