By: Blonde Two

You lovely Blondees and Blondettes know quite  a lot about the Two Blondes.  We decided yesterday that things were a bit unbalanced and that it was time that we found out a bit more about you guys.

We didn’t have time to follow you all up and down your own personal hills so we resorted to the magic of computer analytics. The results are quite interesting.

Where Are You?  You are reading this blog from (in order of popularity) the UK, the USA, Canada, Brazil (a surprise there), Algeria (who would have known), Norway (Blonde One was pleased), Spain, Australia, Turkey and New Zealand.

Which Languages?  Who would have guessed when we started, that our humble blog would one day be read in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and French?  Muito bom, muy buena, molto buona, tres bon!

How Old Are You?  All ages, it would appear, but if you want details; 18-24 (27%), 25-34 (33%), 35-44 (15%), 45-54 (12%), 55-64 (5%), 64+ (5%).  And no, we are not going to tell you which age category we are in!

Boys or Girls?  This was an interesting one and we weren’t sure which way it was going to go, but it would appear that we have an almost equal number of Blondees and Blondettes.  Female (46%), M (54%).  As we believe firmly that it takes all sorts, this is good news!

Are You Interesting?  Actually we don’t thing that this is strictly speaking what the statistics show, but apparently; 6% of you like running and walking (somebody has to like running), 4% like computers and electronics (I am so sorry), 3% like food and drink (we thought everyone did), 2% like travel and historic sites.  We have no idea what the other 85% of you like doing, hopefully it is reading witty and intelligent blogs about Dartmoor!