By: Blonde Two

Tor Bagging Jelly Baby

Where’s Your Baby?

Yesterday saw the launch of the Two Blondes Easter event – Where’s Your Baby.  We are excited to announce that we have already had some excellent photos of Jelly Babies out and about having fun.

Go to our “Where’s Your Baby” web page to find out more.  Give your Jelly Babies some fun and donate to Dartmoor Rescue at the same time.

Below, you can find a quote from one of our most loyal Blondees about the process of preparing Jelly Babies for a day trip …

Wish I hadn’t told them now so soon! There’s too much excitement in this household!
The babies starting packing yesterday and there is the usual barrage of questions. When are we going? Where are we going? Are we going to take a picnic?

I’ve kept them busy by asking them to decide where they would like to go as long as it’s a sensible suggestion and there has to be snow.
I hope your babies are more well behaved!
Trust mine to be unruly!
They get hyperactive if they get too many people in one go!

Have fun with yours.