By: Blonde Two

On a Saturday morning earlier this month, Blonde One and I were engaged in simultaneous packing. We weren’t in the same room, house or even town but we were about to head out on our first Dartmoor wild camping adventure together of 2017 (there was excitement!)

We often make lists together before we pack, we have just written one for our forthcoming trip back to visit the beautiful Isles of Scilly and their superb Walk Scilly walking festival. List making when you are a Blonde is necessary because we go on so many different types of trip. By the time March is over I will have slept in a wet Dartmoor tent, a North Devon bothy, a country hotel on Dartmoor and probably a bivvy bag in the woods.

On Saturday however we hadn’t seen each other and list-failure had taken place. Which was how I found myself sitting on the bed, in my walking top, knickers and warm socks, staring at my rucksack whilst the following Blonde text conversation took place:

B1: ‘Hi B2, what are we doing for tea and Sunday lunch? I vote pub tea and packed lunch. x

(Please note, this text arrived just as I was about to type exactly the same question)

B2: Was about to ask the same thing! I second your motion re food! Exciting! x

B1: Your stove or mine? Your tent or mine?

B2: My tent (porch for when it rains), your stove (smaller) x

B1: (Thumbs up signal)

(B2 still just wearing walking top, pants and thick socks because she can’t decide what to put on next)

B2: Thermals now or bedtime? Orange OS top just in case? x

(Doorbell rings, B2 dons dressing gown over walking top, pants and thick socks, exciting package arrives)

B2: Brand new Lowa boots in exciting parcel, Keen boots, B1 mountain boots (I haven’t got any) or good old Blonde boots?!?! x

B1: Thermals now and bedtime. good old Blonde boots and brand new Lowa Renegade boots. x

(B2 finally dons thermals and walking trousers)

B2: Eyes?

B2: Eyes!

(B2 heads to bathroom to insert contact lenses)

You would think we would have learnt to pack on our own by now! Just imagine what might have happened in the world before text messaging, we might have had to resort to Blonde telepathy!