By: Blonde Two

This morning, the Two Blondes are waking up in rather unusual situation (unusual for us that is).  Some things are as normal – we are in a tent, it is a bit chilly outside and we are both avoiding leaving our sleeping bags for as long as our bladders will allow.  When we open the tent zip, however, this morning we won’t see ponies, mist and the wilds of Dartmoor;  instead we are doing what normal people do and camping on a camp site.

In fact, everything around us is positively luxurious compared to our usual camp style.  We don’t have a white picket fence or a banana hook (both spotted on family camping trips), but we do have a tent that you can stand up in (I can’t even sit in my tiny one), there are two chairs waiting for us to sit on for our morning cup of tea, there is even a carpet and slippers so that our feet don’t get cold.  Last night we glamped it up well and good – sleeping on air beds in private areas (with Big Orange and Big Blue).

This level of luxury doesn’t happen very often but we have learnt that it makes all the difference to our enjoyment of the day ahead.  I don’t even feel a bit mean about the kids that are with us.  Luxury comes with age and experience and the Two Blondes have earned this little bit of it.  The kids have carried all their camping kit (the first time for many of them) and are probably a bit cold and uncomfortable.  They will have to go outside to make breakfast and then will have the struggle of fitting everything back into their rucksacks for another day’s walking.

Please don’t be concerned for our hardiness dear Blondees and Blondettes.  The Two Blondes have not turned wimpy on you.  The next two weekends will see us back up on Dartmoor, in tiny tents, drinking cups of tea in the wind and mist at a ridiculous hour of the morning.  Now shh, I think it is time for my lie in …