By: Blonde Two

I am slightly less worried about earthquakes now because I think I must be staying in one of the most earthquake-ready households in New Zealand.  Although I have to admit, that I am still carefully watching hanging things for unexpected movement, still have a tad of (imaginary) motion sickness and have selected an earthquake book called “Awesome Forces” for bedtime reading.

One of the things that is recommended by those in the earthquake know is to have a “grab and go bag” near to you should you have to leave quickly.  I have been having an interesting time deciding what should go into my “grab and go bag” and the contents keep changing.  Last night I included;  my passport (in case another country seems safer), merino top and bottom thermals (plenty in the shops here), waterproof jacket, glasses (so that I can see a Tsunami coming), sunglasses (instant disguise), two mobile phones (UK and NZ), clean knickers (you never know when you might get run over by a bus during an earthquake), head torch (brought from the UK for this very purpose), a bra (I have been caught in an earthquake without one before), cash (in case the systems go down), socks and shoes (in case of broken glass).

As you can appreciate, this is not a tiny grab bag and did, in fact, take up most of the space next to my bed that I had allocated for my night time “safe place” should the quakes get bigger again (scary to note that the recommendation is that your “safe place” should be no more than a few steps away).  I have spent a lot of time over-thinking which side of the bed would be the best to take shelter next to and still can’t choose.  I am now very good at scanning any room I am in and choosing something to hide under and something dangly that will move visibly if the earth starts to.  All of this over-thinking would be easier if Blonde One was here to do it with me, over-thinking is one of our specialities!

The New Zealand Ministry of Civil Defence website has excellent and interesting information – you might also want to watch this advice video as New Zealand is not the only place in the world where the earth can move! (cut and paste the link).