By: Blonde One

Today the Two Blondes have had a lovely day spent with a group of D of E participants. We have been doing our pre-expedition training which involved first aid, kit, stove safety, etc etc. It was a very productive day and despite the fact that it made the week a 6 day week instead of 5, it was very enjoyable. We had a vast range of abilities: some complete novices who have never camped or lifted a full size rucksack, and Ten Tors and D of E veterans who actually helped us to run some of the sessions. The dynamics were interesting to watch and the Two Blondes learned a lot. We had some excellent feedback as the participants commented on things like: feeling grown up at being able to use a compass, being glad to have some ideas for easy items of food to take on expedition and knowing what sort of kit to buy and how much to expect to pay. These comments were very satisfying but none came close to the comment I heard when we were explaining how an average teenager might burn between 3 and 4 thousand calories on an expedition day. This amount came as a shock to most and some were baffled as to how they could possibly eat that many calories! One girl summed up her thoughts about her involvement in D of E as being “worth all the effort, so that you’ve got a valid reason to eat and eat and eat (my favourite thing) without feeling guilty”! Sounds like a good philosophy and a perfectly valid reason for being involved in D of E!