By: Blonde Two

According to a Guardian report in 2015, a study of the faecal flora (yes that does mean poo vegetation) of Japanese women (don’t even ask how…) showed that the production of good bacteria in our guts is increased by a high seaweed intake.

You can, of course, also achieve this gut-enhancing effect with yoghurt, but where is the fun in that (although I have made my own yoghurt in the past).

Foraging the aisles of Sainsbury’s for little plastic pots is nowhere near as satisfying as waking up early on a Sunday morning, having a pleasant stroll, swimming around a clear sea, making a little (careful and friendly) harvest and stuffing seaweed down your cleavage to stop it from floating away.

Which is what I did last Sunday. I found some sea spaghetti and took it home to cook up with three cornered leek (cliff foraged) and kale (Lidl foraged) for breakfast. The best thing about this meal was that the yellowy brown sea spaghetti went bright green when it was cooked. The second best thing was the taste, it was delicious!

My guts are still saying, ‘thank you’!