By: Blonde One

I can only see one reason why anyone would want to laminate sweets, and that would be because they are Blonde! I have had reason (a very good reason) to microwave sweets before but laminate is a whole new experience for me to try.

The Two Blondes, Mr Blonde Two and the very very talented illustrator Sister to Blonde Two have recently had an interested conversation in a car about sweets. Nothing unusual in this, I hear you say. Well this conversation was discussing the merits of Jelly Babies, peanut M & Ms and Tangfastic. Jelly Babies are obviously the best! I couldn’t bear to talk about Tangfastic as their sourness makes my face hurt just talking about them (I’ll explain another day this strange phenomenon). Until this car journey I thought that the Two Blondes were the experts on sweets but Sister to Blonde Two (who is not blonde on the outside but definitely has a Blonde heart) shocked me with her tale of laminating a Haribo sweet! The only reason she did it is to see what happened. It was not successful and she broke the laminator as it was too lumpy. I think I’d better say “don’t try this at home” but next time I have access to the office laminator I’m going to give this a try!