By: Blonde Two

The other day, I had reason to post a letter. The nearest postbox to chez Blonde Two is just over one kilometre away. I know this because I am mildly obsessive about measuring distances; and on a bimbling day, a kilometre generally takes me fifteen minutes.

I very nearly drove there. This, we all know, would have been a very bad thing. I had three most excellent reasons for said motoring-cop-out:

1. I had just been to the gym and was ‘tired’ (even I noticed the irony in that!)
2. I might have missed last the post of the day (I had no idea when that was.)
3. I couldn’t decide which shoes to wear. (Bad shoe choice + two kilometres = blister ).

Yes I know, probably the worst attempt at justification that any of us have ever seen. I couldn’t even convince myself … so I did the right thing and walked; and then the post van drove straight past me.

‘Typical’ I thought, ‘I was right, I am going to miss the post. I should have driven.’

But then a strange thing happened. The post van stopped, white lights came on and it started reversing towards me. When he drew level, the postman (please resist the temptation to name him ‘Pat’ or even ‘Peter’) leaned towards me and opened up the postbag.

‘You posting?’ Was his question. He had spotted that I was carrying a letter in the direction of the postbox, and that I was about to miss the last post. So I gave him my letter, a winning Blonde smile and some very effusive thanks; and turned around and walked back home.

So you see, it was the right decision to walk. If I hadn’t, I would have missed that opportunity to experience the milk of human kindness, and feel very, very good about the world!


Postbox image – Roine Johansson (