By: Blonde Two

I have a conundrum which I would like to place before you. I am planning (soonish) to do a solo overnight mission to Dartmoor. Already I am breaking one of my own very strict rules for Blonde safety. These are:

1. Never tell the Whole Weird World of the Internet (WWWof I) that you are going out walking alone, or even as a pair.
2. Never tell the WWWof I where you are going to be walking, either on your own, in a pair or with youngsters.
3. Always give/text a route to someone that you trust if you are going out alone.
4. Always wear your lucky shell necklace – you know, the one you were wearing when you broke your ankle. It works every time!

Assuming that I manage to keep three of the rules above; I am hoping that you will help me to write rule number five; and herein lies the conundrum:IMAG0601

I need to drive to Dartmoor. I want to stay out overnight. I will have to leave a vehicle somewhere. Is it the done thing nowadays to leave a note in ones vehicle explaining why it has been abandoned on the moor; and indicating that its owner is not lost/broken/dead somewhere but is having a good time eating/reading/looking just outside her tent?OL28

There are, of course, differing opinions on this:

Some are worried about car thieves; but do these nasties read notes? Surely if you are set on stealing a car, you would just get on with it.

Others are worried about people becoming concerned for the missing driver. I can understand that, I would keep an eye on an empty car myself. The vehicle would be easily traced to home though, and Mr B2 will know where I am and my ETA.

A few seem more concerned about their privacy than anything else. Clearly I am not bothered about that, I write a blog, kind of the opposite to privacy!

To leave a note or not? That is the question. I look forward to your answers!