By: Blonde Two

Here’s a turnaround for you; we Blondes are used to giving outdoor advice but today we are seeking a few recommendations for outdoor gear ourselves. Our two man tent has finally given up after years of great service both here in the UK and on overseas expeditions and we are looking for a new, lightweight tent that will take two Blondes, their camping kit and a bag of Frazzles for first breakfast in the morning. We aren’t getting any younger and, as outdoor leaders, carry a fair amount of additional gear, so we are looking for a lightweight two man tent that will be waterproof and sturdy enough for Dartmoor winters. We know that you, our Blondees and Blondettes, do a lot of camping so we thought we would gather your advice and experiences before making a choice. Here are our lightweight camping specifications (not that we are fussy or anything). We would like a tent that is:

  • Waterproof, preferably with a hydrostatic head of at least 2000mm
  • Lightweight, we are hoping for around 1.5kg
  • Able to withstand high-ish winds (I love geodesic tent design)
  • Able to give us enough space to sleep with room for rucksacks either at the end or down the middle
  • Strong enough to last for several years of four-season expedition work

Hopefully you will have some great ideas, we look forward to hearing them. If you are a tent manufacturer or marketing outdoor gear, we would be more than happy to field test (moor test) different lightweight tents. The more excuses we have for wild camping on Dartmoor, the better!

Adventure for all. Wheelchair wild camping.

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