By: Blonde Two

Have you ever had a situation where your pride nearly stopped you from admitting that you either a) Need help with something, b) Have forgotten something that you really should know or c) Are lost again?

I have a few of these issues, I say a few but they seem to be increasing year on year and I would love to find out if I am the only one with this problem of … shall we call it … “recurring blondness”.  Maybe if I share my top five symptoms with you, (there are way more than five) you could make me feel better by (at the least) – not laughing, (or much better) admitting to a few yourself.

1.  I cannot and have never been able to spell the word brocoli, broccolli, broccoli.  It is amazing how many times life (rather unreasonably) expects you to be able to do this.

2.  I can never remember how many metres height each contour line on a 1:25000 map represents.  Not to mention on a map that is of a different scale.  I do know, however, that it is something to do with double decker buses.

3.  The only phone number that I can remember is the one I had when I was six.  I have to look my mobile number up or ask Blonde One so that I can write it onto route cards.

4.  I always get confused about whether easterly winds (which I know are very cold) are coming from the east or on their way to visit it.

5.  I can’t say “Irish Wristwatch” despite the fact that Six-Foot-Blonde asks me to do so every time he sees me.

There are definitely some mitigating circumstances for my current abundance of “recurring blondness” (as well as not going to Dartmoor enough).  It happens more when I am tired, when I am trying to do more that thirty three things at once, when there is a letter in the month and when I am feeling emotional.

Those more observant Blondees and Blondettes among you might suggest here that I am often tired, even more often emotional and usually trying to do more than thirty three things at once.  I will leave it to you to count the months with letters in them.