By: Blonde Two

We Blondes all have moments when we do something so silly that it borders on ridiculous. Come on Blondees and Blondettes, you know what I am talking about, you feel my pain!  Well on Saturday, I had one of those moments – the embarrassing thing is that I had had exactly the same moment a few months before.  They say that lightening doesn’t strike in the same place twice – that may be true, but Blondeness can strike at any time and usually does so when it is going to cause the most embarrassment.

Our Blonde mission was simple really – six youngsters, one car each – drive from Torbay to the Dartmoor Rescue centre at Ashburton.  We have been there before, we got lost (and laughed at last time) and since then I have driven past a few times.  Blonde One managed fine and arrived in plenty of time without any detours.  Now, you might argue that getting lost is nothing to be ashamed of but the evidence of ridiculousness is stacked up against me, let us examine it;

1.  I know exactly where the Dartmoor Rescue centre is and what it looks like.

2.  I insisted on taking a different route to Blonde One – claiming that I knew best.

3.  I left every single one of my many Devon/Dartmoor maps at home.

4.  I have no idea how to use the sat nav on my phone.

5.  I managed to swear in front of the kids (lovely kids, very kind about the whole affair).

6.  I couldn’t even explain where I was to Blonde One when I phoned her.

7.  She offered to send Dartmoor Rescue out to find me.

8.  In the end, she had to come out and find me.

9.  (This is the worst one) – I claim to be good at navigation and even hold a qualification.

10. I got a round of applause when I arrived.

In my favour, I will point out that I am not the most confident of drivers and was driving Mr B2s big 4×4 instead of my tiny sports car, I had students with me for the first (wouldn’t blame them if it was the last) time and … oh pants, I can’t think of another excuse.

There has been some pressure on both of us Blondes to get our minibus licenses.  I have been repeatedly telling everyone that it would be a terrible idea for me to be put in charge of a bus full of youngsters.  Maybe now they will believe me!