By: Blonde Two

I have been challenging myself this week as we have driven around the Isle of Man.  It has been a remembering challenge, see if you can work out what I have been up to.

Hairpin, Waterworks, Goose Neck, Joey’s, Guthrie’s, Mountain Box, Black Hut, Verandah, Bungalow, Brandywell, Dukes, Windy Corner, Keppel Gate, Kate’s Cottage, Creg-ny-Baa, Gob-ny-Gae, Brandish, Hillberry.

There are more to the list but I am Blonde and that is as far as my remembering skills got me.

Happy Friday, our Gold expedition is successful, the Blondes are on their way home. Thanks to you Isle of Man folks for your more than warm welcome and thanks to your lovely island for being much, much more than we expected it to be.  We will be back.