By: Blonde One

As you already know the Two Blondes went out casualtying (we love a made up word) for the excellent Dartmoor Search and Rescue team from Ashburton.

I had the pleasure of spending the evening with the lovely Del Boy (this was how he introduced himself). He was a very experienced rescuer and delighted my 3 Young Leaders with tales of rescue and adventure. The 3 were hungry for information and asked loads of questions. Del Boy, it seemed, was happy to answer them.

2 of my 3 Young Leaders had been rescued before but the 3rd was a newbie and was so full of enthusiasm that he could hardly contain his excitement. It was such a joy to experience this enthusiasm and eagerness. He acted his part well and enjoyed being treated for a broken ankle.

At the end of the evening the 5 Young Leaders handed over a donation to the rescue team to show their thanks for letting is come out to play. The donation, some might say, was quite small but given with sincerity. The Young Leaders all have part time jobs which funded this donation and they gave it with the same enthusiasm that they showed for the whole evening.

If they can do it, on a very, very small salary – so can you.