By: Blonde One

Now don’t worry readers, the Two Blondes aren’t giving up writing, walking or anything interesting. But I am indeed giving up. I surrender. I quit. I am waving the white flag of defeat.

I hereby declare that after years of experimentation, purchasing and practicing, I am never going to be warm on Dartmoor! You may remember that every year I purchase more and more expensive kit in an effort to keep myself toasty when camping and walking during the autumn, winter and spring months. Well after careful consideration I have decided that I have spent enough! This weekend on Dartmoor I ended up with 7 layers of clothing and I was STILL COLD!!! How is this possible?!
My 7 layers included: 2 layers of wool, 2 layers that were windproof, 1 layer that was waterproof and 1 down layer. I also had 2 pairs of gloves, 2 pairs of socks, thermal leggings, windproof trousers and waterproof and windproof over-trousers.
I looked a little bit like the Michelin man and even if I wanted to I couldn’t fit any more clothes on without losing the ability to move my limbs.

It is not often that I give up on anything but I think that this time the forces of nature have well and truly beat me!