By: Blonde One

For those of you who have ever taken young people out on a trip you will know the mountain of paperwork that needs to be summited before it can happen. Now don’t get me wrong, I agree with every piece of it. It is right that the risk assessment is thorough and is thoroughly checked by another person, it is quite appropriate that someone checks the amount of money being charged so that youngsters aren’t ripped off and of course gaining approval for having the right qualifications is entirely necessary. Having said all of that though, it is an amazingly time consuming project just getting through it all. In fact for a one day expedition it almost takes longer to do the paperwork than to go on the trip itself!

I made a bit of a mistake recently when I added up the number of trips packs I have to plough through between March and July this year! Blonde Two also made a mistake when she reminded me of one that I had forgotten. I gave myself a bit of a ‘funny turn’ when I realised that I had 9 expeditions in the space of 4 months. Only one of these is a day only trip. The rest involve campsites, minibuses and trekking. My life is now measured in trips packs. Instead of saying there are 2 months until Easter, in the world of Blonde, it is 3 trips packs until Easter.

Our very kind friend (is it ok to call you friend) Roderick has commented on his trust in our resilience. I hope he is right. Otherwise, bring in the icy towels!