By: Blonde One


You may have noticed (but probably not) that I have been absent for the last week or so. I admit, I am still quite tired (a little bit of an understatement) after my Morocco trip but I have not just been hiding in my bed catching up on sleep. What I have been doing is almost as restorative though. I have been, for the last week, on a canal boat up in Shropshire. I think it was one of the most restful things I have ever done. I have spent a week trying to find my ‘mojo’ which has gone missing since returning from Morocco. I think I have found it! The week has been spent doing things slowly: travelling on the water, reading, walking. Everything that I have done for the last week with Mr Blonde One and our two friends Mr and Mrs Dunkin has been done at a reduced pace. We have laughed a lot, rested a lot and slowly meandered through some of the canals of Wales and Shropshire. I am very pleased (and a little relieved) that I am back up to full steam ahead and am ready for the new term and all the interesting (and probably nonsensical) things that it will bring!