By: Blonde One


My two favourite places in this country are Dartmoor (obviously) and the Isles of Scilly. Luckily I get many opportunities to visit Dartmoor since it is right on my doorstep. However, although the Isles of Scilly are just in Cornwall, the next county, they are not so easy to just pop over to for a quick visit. I feel very lucky that I can visit once or twice a year and am very grateful to Little Miss Blonde for living there for the last three summers and so provide me with an excuse to visit more frequently! My most recent trip was a flying visit (literally) for a few days on my own. This is the first time I have travelled there on my own and allowed me some time to wander and explore when Little Miss Blonde and Numbers were working.

My first port of call was my favourite beach on St Mary’s: Pelistry. It is a small beach that is the opposite end of the island to the town. You can walk to the tiny Toll Island when the tide is out, although I didn’t this time. This beach never fails to please but this time was exceptionally pleasing. It was empty apart from me. I spent an hour there without having to share this piece of paradise with anyone. There was fresh sand to feel between my toes, there was the usual abundance of shells to collect (including my favourite yellow periwinkle), the birds were singing away happily to themselves, the ocean was clear and cold, and I felt amazing! The power of solitude has not escaped me in the past but this hour was probably worth a week in a so called ‘restorative’ spa. I felt truly at peace and was reluctant to leave. If only I could bottle this experience and open up the lid to take a breath full when life gets busy!