By: Blonde One

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Craghoppers NosiLife Pro-Stretch Trousers from Trekwear


Above is a picture of Blonde One striding across Dartmoor whilst wearing a rather lovely pair of summer weight trousers. Now, you are probably wondering why we are telling you about summer weight trouser when the chilly autumn air is closing in; but if you are clever (like what we are) you can find some next-season bargains at this time of year. For example today’s blog sponsors Trekwear currently have this particular pair of trousers reduced from £60.00 to £39.95 on their website.

Blonde One gave them a thorough trouser testing last week, on our Exmoor expedition. Here is what she thought of them:


These trousers are really comfy with just the right amount of stretch. They have masses of features including drying loops, insect repellent (I have no idea how that works or how they make it permanent) and sun protection. They really are quite clever!


As well as being clever, these lovely trousers have a thigh pocket (an absolute essential on my list) for phones or compasses (never both together).


They also have a handy key hook in the right pocket (I usually tell Blonde Two where I am putting my keys, are so that both of us can forget where they are).


Perhaps the very best Blonde thing about these trousers, is that in the left pocket, there is a little lens cleaning clothes for when the rain (or the bog if I’ve been unlucky) has splattered my glasses.

I would say that these trousers are almost perfect!