By: Blonde Two

Today I am running a little Blonde Bimble. I say little because there will only be three of us, but, like all good Bimbles, it will include Dartmoor, a map and compass and a visit to Fox Tor Cafe.

I have an idea of where I want to take these lovely Bimblers and I have an unusual reason for wanting to go there with them. It isn’t because it is my very favourite Dartmoor spot (although it is one of them), it isn’t because the views are amazing (although they are), no, I want to take these particularly people to this particular place because they share its name.

Now this could turn into a most excellent theme for Bimbles of the future. I could take Mr Dinger to Dinger Tor and Mrs Pew to Pew Tor. I could take His Majesty to Kings Tor and Beelzebub to Devil’s Tor. I could take Foxy Loxy to Fox Tor and Shaun to Sheeps Tor. I would resist, however, visiting Great Mis Tor as the company would be bound to be dour, or Brat Tor as I only countenance well behaved young people. High Willhayes though, well, that might be worth a trip!

Can you guess where we are going?