By: Blonde One

It is with a sense of fear and nervousness that I write this blog tonight! Tomorrow the Two Blondes are off on another night time adventure, but instead of the usual excitement and anticipation, I am feeling rather unsettled this time! Why? Well, tomorrow our adventure begins at a very well known location that is currently avoided at all costs. The decision to begin at this point was taken out of our hands and we have to put all of our trust in others. Our starting point tomorrow has many ghostly memories that will haunt me as we set out. These memories range from the fairly innocent emergency boot replacement (carrying a set of size 12 Scarpa boots is no fun I can assure you), to an irritating bus breakdown (the kids and staff were really annoyed at having to wait for the recovery man but he was pleased as we gave him an excuse to avoid a Mother’s Day lunch with his mother-in-law), to a full scale incident with the Air Ambulance. All of these things – and more – happened at this same location, so beginning our trip there tomorrow begs the question: what will go wrong this time?

If the Two Blondes don’t make it back: it has been a pleasure blogging with you!