By: Blonde Two

Mr Blonde Two and have now left the mountains of the Tirol behind us and are wending our way home via the truck stops of Europe. Short blog posts for the next couple of days but I will be thinking about you all!

Austria Blonde Highlights:

Cable cars (eventually), Thin Air (more about that tomorrow), cows with bells, strange coloured waterways, speaking German (well Germish), mountains, balconies upon which to watch mountains, clouds (they are very watchable here), Kaffee und Kuchen (mit sahne) and my new headband.

Austria Blonde Lowlights (in hairdressing terms, I think this is impossible):

Sausages (I have always loved Bratwurst etc but have found out through over indulgence that they really don’t love me), scary high stuff (I have proved to myself that I can do some of it but it will be nice to get my feet back on solid ground) and traffic confusion (for a Blonde with spacial awareness issues, this is a real issue).