By: Blonde Two

The Two Blondes went on a little exploration yesterday.  We, Dartmoor National Park wild camping map to hand, were checking out a possible wild camp site for our more experienced Silver DofE group.  We had a great time, exploring an area that we thought we knew well; but Dartmoor is always full of surprises for a Blonde who is prepared to seek out treasures!

Careful use of map and compass helped us to find four cairns and some rocks that we hadn’t visited before but this interesting beauty was well hidden and not marked on the map.DSC_0994I was convinced that we intrepid Blonde explorers had found a new logan stone. Logan stones do not just exist on Dartmoor although several are marked on OL28.  Discussion abounds as to why they are called Logan Stones but the theory that the Blondes prefer is that ‘logan’ refers to ‘logging’ or rocking.  We haven’t found one yet that still logs, (indeed we are not even sure that ‘log’ is a verb), but yesterday, we couldn’t resist the temptation to try and make this lump log a bit. If faith can move mountains then surely a pair of determined Blondes can move a bit of granite!

My first attempt involved hanging off the end of the rock, this almost certainly looked ridiculous.  It was good fun and involved some discussion with the rock but did not work.  Then Blonde One went all ‘mountain goat’ on me and announced that the rock was calling out to be climbed on.  She hopped up in a suitably agile manner and, not to be outdone, I joined her.  My approach was less dignified and risked holes in my trouser knees!

We both jumped up and down on the not-logan stone for a while but there was a disappointing lack of movement.  I will not comment here on our combined weight and neither should you feel the need to.

It would appear that the Two Blondes have not discovered a new Dartmoor Logan Stone but it is a good place for a cuppa-with-a-view and we will be going back again.

I bet none of you know where it is!!