By: Blonde Two

A couple of years ago when I was in the 6th Form (ok so it may have been more than a couple), some fool put me in charge of the tuck shop.  This was fine with me as I had an addiction to Pot Noodles at the time (a craving that was oddly repeated when I was expecting my first son).  It wasn’t, however, very good for the tuck shop profits because I ate more Pot Noodles than I could actually afford and I am not convinced that I ever paid back the debts that I built up.

Our Gold DofE group are raising money for their Isle of Man trip in the summer by running a sweet stall (thank goodness they don’t sell Pot Noodles, although Blonde One is spending quite a lot of money on Lovehearts).  Blonde One and I help them out by taking them to the Cash and Carry for new stock once in a while.

When we started going, we hovered over them, checking that they were making good decisions and behaving themselves.  They are past masters at the whole profit making thing now and we are really just the taxi service.  There has definitely been a bit (well quite a lot) of a role reversal going on.  Picture the scene … big warehouse full of sweeties, giant pots of artichoke hearts and impossible to steer trolleys.  Two sensible, serious lads doing hard sums and making important decisions.  Two very silly Blondes, sneaking extra Lovehearts onto the trolley, taking photos of sweets that are called “Choc Lick” (I said “Choc”!) and pretending that they understand the maths that is happening around them.