By: Blonde Two

Yesterday I introduced you to the Blonde world of listicles. My brain has been whirring ever since and I have been thinking what a great portmanteau word ending ‘icle’ is. It could be applied to loads of things of an outdoorsy nature (please note another listicle example here):

The Routicle

A walking (or running if you are mad) route that is especially for those days when you feel more like a Bimble than a march. Could also be used for those times when you want to persuade your family to go outside with you… “Come on let’s walk this routicle, there’ll be an ice cream van at the top.”


The Tenticle

Nothing to do with octopuses or though I am sure that those do live outside. The tenticle is a very, very small one-woman tent. It is so small in fact that the one-woman has to be a size eight and leave her rucksack outside. I am not going to go camping with her!

The Mealicle

A mealicle is something between a snack (a small snack is called a snackette) and a meal. Usually clandestine, a mealicle is eaten at strange times of the day and can’t be coded into usually eating time slots. For example eating a left over bag of crisps, in a tent at 7 in the morning would count as a mealicle.

The Bogicle

There are plenty of these on Dartmoor. The bogicle is a boggy patch just big enough to sink one leg into that is otherwise surrounded by quite pleasant solid ground. The boggicle is capable of catching the most experienced of walkers unawares and they really should all be marked on Ordnance Survey maps (cue symbol design).

The Bedicle

This is when you make your bed out of a 2cm thick mat, a sleeping bag and some clothes stuffed into a drybag… and then pretend that is is really comfortable. It isn’t but it is much easier to sleep if you tell yourself that it is.

I hope that you have enjoyed my ‘icle’ listicle. I am sure you can all think of many more outdoor ‘icles’ to add to mine… do share!