By: Blonde One

Rucksack cover or no rucksack cover? This is a question that we get asked quite a lot. Does using a rucksack cover keep the rucksack dry and is it worth using?

Generally speaking we do not use one for our own rucksacks. Dartmoor, and other places, are often very windy and will catch the edge of a rucksack cover making them useless. Rain will sometimes be horizontal and easily get in between the rucksack and cover. Personally I think it’s a faff too far to use one!


I did a bit of a test recently to see if I had been right or wrong all these years. The cover stayed on for about 10 minutes before it lifted off the rucksack and served as a very effective sail to help the wind try to propel me sideways.

Having said that … there is one occasion that I insist on them. When out with a group of teenagers I ensure they are fully kitted out with their purple rucksack covers so that I can easily identify the team when they are being remotely supervised. A group of purple rucksacks is usually unique on the moors and does away with the need for the (usually forgotten) binoculars.