By: Blonde One

The Two Blondes (in our heads) are slowly taking over the world and are of the firm belief that our world will be ever-so-much better than the one that exists now. We are completely realistic in our fantasies and don’t expect much (well, maybe we do).

Here’s how a Blonde world is beginning to shape up (feel free to add your own ideas):

  • Walking kit would be free, especially for youngsters. Far too often we hear youngsters say that they cannot afford to purchase kit or have to borrow ill-fitting kit from others (the Two Blondes are often lending spare kit). Clearly this is a common wish. We are currently ‘in talks’ with some very lovely people about how they can help and as you know the fabulous Rohan had a great scheme: which we hope will be repeated soon.
  • Jelly Babies would be full of vitamins, not rot your teeth or make you fat.
  • Silliness would be absolutely compulsory. We have recently discovered the pitfalls of not being silly.
  • Days would be long enough to be able to do some of the ‘day job’, only the bits that we choose to do, you understand, whilst still having time at the end of the day for a relaxed visit up to the moors. Like I said we are quite realistic and don’t want to totally give up the ‘day job’. We just want it not to dominate everything else.
  • Everybody who’s lovely would be able to do DofE: adults and youngsters. We constantly comment on how happy DofE makes us!
  • The sun would shine constantly. Well, except when I need a fix of Dartmoor when it’s pouring down with rain!
  • Lastly, the Two Blondes would live in the middle of Dartmoor in a beautiful pair of cottages with our families. Our cottages would have a map room, a kit room and a drying room. We would have a bunkhouse on site designed by us and free for all lovely people.

All of that is not too much to ask is it?!