By: Blonde One

The Two Blondes and Little Miss Blonde have been out with 2 minibuses full of Ten Tors trainees today. I was amazed, when driving back, at the numerous events that filled these youngsters lives that they had to rush back to. There was: football, girlfriends, homework, baths, work, pizza, family birthday party, films, and many other things! After a very long (12 hours)and hard day it would be fair to assume that these youngsters would be fit for nothing, but no.

And for the Blondes?  …

Blonde One: a very delicious Chinese takeaway, watching some rubbish TV with Mr Blonde One and blog writing.

Little Miss Blonde: chicken nuggets for tea and then out to the pub with a very good friend.

Blonde Two: super noodles for tea, watching a rubbish film and blog writing.

So it seems that it is actually true – youngsters definitely have more energy than us!