By: Blonde One

Now that Little Miss Blonde and Numbers have returned to the UK I have been very grateful for the efforts of a certain travel company that have proved their worth. STA travel have been brilliant: from the very the seeds of an idea to the safe return to Heathrow airport. It’s important when you travel to the more unusual destinations that you are covered by some thorough insurance and the backing of a good, reputable company. (My links with World Challenge are strong for this very reason.)

Little Miss Blonde and Numbers were very sensible (obviously) and used STA as much as possible to help them out before and during their trip. STA helped them with international and internal flights, booking a diving course, insurance, accommodation and various other trips and activities. Although they probably aren’t the cheapest company and travelling around South East Asia could be done on much more of a shoestring, they certainly gave us all peace of mind and ensured that these two travellers were safe and well looked after every step of the way.

They originally were a company to help students travel abroad, but now cater for everyone. One of the lines from their website that I find amusing is: “We’ve been successfully delaying students from entering full-time employment for over 35 years, but we welcome all travellers – our only requirement is a love for adventure!”

I recommend them wholeheartedly (and I’m not even on commission, or getting any freebies!).