By: Blonde Two

When our teams chose “safety orange” for this year’s Ten Tors hoodies, I was really pleased.  You would be surprised how tricky it can be to pick your own team out of the approaching throng when you are waiting on the opposite hillside.  Even with binoculars, blue can merge into green and red become pink.

Not so “safety orange” which, as it turns out, stands out like a sore thumb (or foot in this case) against Dartmoor’s greeny, silvery landscape.  There was no doubting that the hoodies that we finally spotted coming over the ridge were both safe and orange but distance can play tricks on the eyes and we Blondes were reserving judgement.

I definitely wanted them to be ours, they were walking together and looked very strong, everything in fact that we could have wished them to look like.  As they got closer, I gave percentages of certainty to the assembled supporters.  The right number of team members – 65%. Something tied around their heads (school ties) – 80%.  Walking in step with each other (they have a remarkable knack for this) – 90%.  Flag held out in front of them (last seen adorning the team leader’s head at the start) – 100%.

It was our team!  It was those same youngsters that we had first introduced to Dartmoor and her peculiar ways back in October.  Some of whom had never camped, never navigated and never walked through a bog before.  Here they were looking strong, smiling and clearly very, very pleased with themselves.

Safety orange is now my absolutely favourite colour!