By: Blonde Two

Does anyone else have a body that tells them what they need to eat?  Mine does all of the time and it usually gets it right.  The only exception to this is on a Friday night which is the only night that I allow it to lie to me and tell me that I need to eat salt and vinegar crisps.  Sometimes I even crave cabbage which has to be a bit on the unusual side. For all of September, October and November, I was eating brown rice and tinned salmon for lunch because my body told me to.  This month, I have tried to eat it a couple of times but apparently don’t need it anymore because I am not enjoying it at all.

When I got home from work last night, I asked my body what it fancied eating up on Dartmoor today (aside from the obligatory pasty).  The answer was a jam sandwich, which is unusual because I never eat jam sandwiches.  Interestingly, they come highly recommended as a food for adventurers and athletes alike.

Like a good Blonde I decided to listen to my body (at least until the crisps arrived) and create the nearest sandwich that I could to a jam one.  I rooted around in the cupboard and, from a selection of marmite, peanut butter and honey, decided that honey was the closest relative to the red sticky stuff (alternative coloured jams are available)!  I like honey a lot and a butter and honey concoction seemed like the perfect idea until I looked at the bread which was clearly far too crumbly to survive a butter attack.  This conundrum had me peering into the fridge for a while, where the choice was margarine (vile petrochemical stuff) or cream cheese.  I opted for the cream cheese (without garlic and herbs) and prepared the sandwich.

Some might argue that cheese is dinner and honey is pudding.  They might take that argument further and suggest that eating dinner and pudding together is just plain weird.  I would counter this easily by pointing out that my sandwich could be better described as a deconstructed cheesecake and therefore clearly pudding not dinner.  Which means that it should taste pretty good after my pasty.  I will let you know!