By: Blonde Two

I know that I am a bit long in the tooth to start questioning Santa about his methods but I have recently had a discussion about this and would like an answer.  Does Santa use the traditional map and compass for navigation or has he flown into the 21st Century and embraced GPS technology?

Thanks to a website I found yesterday I know that to get from the North Pole to Princetown in the middle of Dartmoor, Santa would have to travel 2727.820 miles (4390 kilometres) as the sledge flies.  If he was walking at 4 kilometres per hour as I do, this would take him nearly 46 days.  That is far too long, I can see why he uses the reindeer.

Maybe he navigates by the stars.  I would be no help to him with that, I can find North via the Pole Star when I am in the northern hemisphere and South via the Southern Cross when I am in the southern.  Not much use though, being able to find North when you are starting at the North Pole.

Of course,  he could use a satellite navigation system.  This would work well on homes with postcodes and could help him to do deliveries in a logical order.  But think about the pictures we have seen of lorries stuck down tiny country lanes.  I imagine the incidence rate of Santa being stuck up the chimney would soar.

I do find myself hoping that Santa is a map and compass expert.  I imagine that he can follow the contours of the earth without even setting a bearing.  He is probably in charge of the earth’s magnetic fields rather than led by them.  Santa should, I am sure, be the guardian of all things traditional.  Maybe I will leave a compass out for him to borrow on Christmas Eve just in case.