By: Blonde Two

As all of you walkers, travelers and expeditionists (read that carefully) know, the secret to any successful expedition is the right kit.  We have packed a few rucksacks in our time so feel that we are well qualified to advise Santa on tonight’s venture.  Here is this year’s Two Blonde’s advisory letter.

Dear Santa

re Christmas Eve

This year I hope you have a successful Christmas Eve expedition.  As your personal kit advisers, we would like to remind you that you will need to take …

1.  Waterproof coat and trousers – preferably red with a fur lining.  We recommend the Bear Grylls Polar Down jacket from Cotswold Outdoor

2.  Thermal underwear – I know you don’t like to talk about your undies but this is a vital piece of kit if you want to stay warm.  Check out the Icebreaker range, 20,000 sheep can’t be wrong  If you look in the women’s section, you may well find a pair to match your coat.

3.  Map and compass – Santa, please don’t be tempted to rely on GPS, there is a lot of debris up in space which could affect the satellites and at your age you need to keep exercising those brain cells.

4.  A good head torch – Rudolph is getting on a bit and you may find his nose dimming after a few hours.  Santa Secret – Rudolph’s nose is red so that Santa can keep his night vision and still see the contour lines on his map.

5.  A sack liner – the weather has been terrible and it would be very disappointing for all concerned if you ended up delivering soggy presents.  A rubble sack from any hardware shop will do.  Come to think of it, you will probably need more than one!

6.  Emergency rations – actually, no, you won’t need those.  Most houses will be leaving out treats for you and have you seen your waistline recently?

Much love to you, Rudolph and all of the reindeer.  Have a safe trip and if you are coming to Devon (hope you are) please use your emergency wet weather route this year as we have had a bit of a soaking.

The Two Blondes xxx

PS  Please have a look at Blonde One’s Christmas list on yesterday’s blog – she can be tricky to buy presents for!