By: Blonde Two

We all know that there are pixies living on Dartmoor. Back in January 2014, we Blondes had an encounter with them They were playing tricks on us then, but they are best known for leading people astray in Dartmoor’s mists.

What you maybe didn’t know, is that Dartmoor sometimes has elvish visitors. These elves come to our fair moor every January, their trip organised and paid for by Santa as a thank you for their help over Christmas time. The elves love dipping their toes in the chilly Dart, dancing on top of tors and saying ‘boo’ to sheep (there aren’t many geese!)

Dartmoor Elf

You might be wondering why you have never seen any elves on Dartmoor. This is because their very favourite game is hide and seek. I was very lucky to spot this little fella up at Grey Wethers.