By: Blonde Two

The Two Blondes have had a very busy and very successful weekend Ten Tors training on Dartmoor.  There are few things more satisfying than seeing a group of “newbies” that you started working with in October turn into a strong team of youngsters who are apparently capable of taking on any challenge that you throw at them.

You would imagine that this transformation happens gradually but not for the Two Blondes.  Last weekend the same youngsters walked slowly, sat down too much and strolled off the wrong side of the moor.  This weekend they astounded us with their maturity, speed and navigational ability.  All a bit too sudden to take in!

We saw lots of teams of very friendly young people out on the North Moor this weekend but we have to say that ours looked best.  They were together, they were smiling and each time they met us, they greeted us with a song.

We Blondes have a phrase which might make us sound a bit big-headed but it is really a bit of Blonde self-encouragement – “WE DID THAT!”