By: Blonde Two

Well if the truth be known (and I am a very honest girl) it was more like seven o’clock than midnight, but down on the slip looking out to sea, it was very dark!

Poor old Mr B2 had barely been in the house after work for ten minutes when I dragged him back out of the door with the promise that ‘sausages on the beach will be fun!’

I had packed stove, gas, forks (thankfully not sporks), flask of tea, cups, scissors, sausages, bread & butter, sitter and a lighter. Can you work out what was missing?

No I didn’t either until we had assumed our positions on the slip, exclaimed over the splashing tide and assembled our wares. It was then that an ‘even more disgruntled than the second before’ Mr B2 noticed that I hadn’t brought a pan.

Now if there is something that a hungry man who needs his tea doesn’t want, it is the slowest method of cooking a sausage known to mankind. However, this was what I had unwittingly invented.


In the end, attaching one sausage at a time to a fork (sporks are not always the way forward) and holding it over the flame proved to be quite good fun. By the time we had finished though, we almost were cooking sausages at midnight!