By: Blonde One

It’s been a little tradition in the Blonde One family that whenever we meet someone important we try and think of a silly question that we might like to ask them, to help relieve any nerves. We have never actually asked the question (yet!) but it’s good fun thinking of them. It’s a bit like the adult version of imagining that your interviewer is naked, but more acceptable for children! It all started several years ago when we met a real life astronaut. Jon McBride worked for NASA and was aboard the Challenger when it went into space in 1984. There was a Q and A session and Little Miss Blonde was so in awe if him that she was just too nervous to ask him her serious questions. And so the game began … the silly question that never got asked was “do you like Jello?” said in a cheesy American accent.

Some years later Little Miss Blonde was lucky enough to meet Pen Hadow. He was the first person to trek solo to the North Pole by the hardest route. She had a million (serious) questions that she wanted to ask but again she was dumbstruck and couldn’t utter one of them. Her unasked question this time was “do you have any lucky pants and did you wear them on your expedition?”.

Next week the Blonde One family are off to London to visit St James’ Palace. We have been discussing what question we might ask Prince Charles if we should bump into him in the queue for the loo. I’m pretty sure that we won’t actually see Prince Charles, but we will definitely see a Royal – probably Prince Edward. I am really hoping that he talks to me as I am desperate to be able to say “Your Royal Highness” in response. I won’t be thinking of silly questions (I’ll leave that to Little Miss Blonde) but I think that this will probably be the only occasion where I get to utter these words to a Royal. Little Miss Blonde’s question to Prince Charles will be “did you dust and hoover before all of these guests arrived, or did you leave it to Camilla?”.

At the end of November I will be meeting Mollie Hughes who, at 21, was one of the youngest British climbers to summit Mount Everest. I’m hoping that I won’t get tongue-tied but if I do, I think I will ask her which colour Jelly Baby is her favourite!