By: Blonde One

When you do lots of walking, you begin to notice all of the many different kinds of signs that you pass. We have commented previously on the path furniture found in others areas such as the Isle of Man and the Peak District. Some are purely functional and give excellent information to save you walking with your nose stuck in your map. Others however, are much more decorative. The Isles of Scilly, on a recent trip, wins the prize for having the nicest possible signs. They are welcoming and friendly and have their own particular Scilly charm (as does everything related to these beautiful islands).

Just a few of the signs that I saw on this short trip are pictured here but there were many more giving useful information or just welcoming visitors.

It was a fabulous trip, as always, and reminded me that staying local is a really good idea at the moment. The islands were quieter than usual and we enjoyed our stay much more as a result. I would recommend trying a ‘staycation’ here, but maybe don’t all go at once!


If you can’t visit the islands yourself why not support local trade by doing some online shopping? Here are just a few of our favourite purchases from the islands:

Delicious Island Gin from St Mary’s.

A trip to Brhyer is not complete without a visit to the fudge stall at Veronica Farm.

Special occasions in the Blonde One household always include some flowers from St Martin’s. Either narcissi or pinks, depending on the season, will last far longer than supermarket flowers.

Another fabulous gin from St Agnes is from Westward Farm. My favourite is the Rose Geranium.

A great Christmas present idea is something from Scilly Scents.