By: Blonde Two

Scotland is fabulous isn’t it. Such a variety of terrain, scenery and wildlife (and that other important Scottish ‘w’ whisky) and such a lack of people.

If you live in Devon however, getting to Scotland is a major undertaking (especially if you want to take your ancient truck, visit your Mum and stay at your son’s on the way). Which is why I feel having some maps of Scotland is so important. With a map spread out on your table you can climb Ben MacDui, swim in Loch Ness and camp wild on the Knoy Dart without ever leaving your kitchen.

The question remains though of which map of Scotland to study. I have a goodly collection of Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 Explorer maps that cover the specific places that I have visited or want to visit but when you want to see the whole of, say the Cairngorms or the Western Isles (or indeed drive around them) you need something more expansive that shows a bigger area without compromising on the detail.

Obviously Ordnance Survey (because they are fab) have a set of maps for just this occasion. In just 3 OS Road 1:250,000 scale maps OS have covered the whole of Scotland with enough detail to inspire you to explore further (and of course buy a more detailed map) and to allow you, through the clever use of colour, to admire Scotland’s glens and mountains.

I haven’t been to Scotland this year because I have been exploring other climes… but there is still time and for now, I have my maps to occupy my lunch times.

Thanks Ordnance Survey, for helping me to Get Outside, even when I am inside!