By: Blonde Two

Yesterday morning’s sea swim (09:10) was a bit later than Wednesday’s (07:45). I can tell you with authority that two extra hours of winter sunshine does not make any difference whatsoever to the temperature of the water.


But it isn’t the water temperature getting in that is the problem (although I have found out that I make strange noises upon immersing myself in cold water) but rather the air temperature when you get out that gets through to your bones.


This ‘it’s warmer in the water’ theory was proven yesterday by the wreaths of sea mist that were rising from the surface of a eerily still sea. Now I have seen mist do this from water before, at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and in all sorts of unexpected places in New Zealand, but at those places, the mist happens because the water is hot not because the land is cold.


This mist was exceptionally beautiful to watch but exceptionally chilly to stand dripping wet in. Having said that, I wouldn’t have missed floating in it for all the tea in China (even if it was a nice hot cup of tea!)

PS I have lost count of how many times I have swam in the sea this week. I think it might be three, maybe the cold is nibbling away at my brain cells.