By: Blonde Two

Just occasionally I do something very girly. Yesterday, for example, I bought a dress. And last month, I bought some ‘Moroccan Sea Salt Spray’ for my hair. The idea of such salty decadence is not to make a girl taste nice, but to make her hair look as though she has just been surfing.Drinking Gorse Tea

I know, when written down, it sounds ridiculous. I quite like the resulting effect; despite being a bit old, and a bit unable to surf, to be a surfer chick. The good news is that Morocco does actually have sea (sorry B1, I just had to check). When I run out of my ‘Moroccan Sea Salt Spray’, I could either send B1 off to get some actual Moroccan sea, or I have thought of two other ways of achieving the same tousled, get the comb completely stuck the next day hair.

The first is obvious, I could jump in the sea. I like the sea but this may prove a bit impractical and a bit chilly every morning.

My second hair salting method is a bit less savoury; it involves a strenuous and windy walk on Dartmoor. The wind does the tousling and the strain causes enough salty sweat to immediately prevent combing.

It would be a lot cheaper to choose either of the final two suggestions, and probably a lot kinder to the environment!