By: Blonde One

Two very good friends and colleagues have recently been making some plans for their retirement (I hope for my sake that it isn’t too soon, but for their sake I hope it is!). They are both valued colleagues and will be greatly missed once they retire but I fear that if their plans go as well as I think they might, they will be going sooner than I hope. John is a very keen photographer and captures all of the many many exciting things that happen around school.

He also uses his superb skills to make greetings cards and is selling them on his website. They are fantastic!

Check out the website: SeaMoor Photography to see for yourself. Chryssa, his wife, has been adding blog posts to the website which include her wanderings along the South West Coast Path. The blog entitled ‘Carpe Diem’ is particularly good and very poignant. I’m not known for my cooking abilities but I think I will excel at Chryssa’s recipe idea.


As you can see from these sample images, John has a real eye for capturing the true essence of Dartmoor. My favourite of these is the first one where the shadows are being cast by the wall.

John and Chyrssa have been helped along the way by our very own Tom from Hoot Media. His website is worth a look too.