By: Blonde One

Our much loved English poet, John Keats, hit the nail on the head with his first line of his iconic poem ‘To Autumn’. This season is one of calm and peace. You might say: “the calm before the storm” of winter. Keats’ poem is full of vocabulary to symbolise the end of the fruitful season and the start of the barren winter with its slow descent from one to the other. The nature that we see all around us too matches Keats’ “drowsed” description. The “plump … hazel shells” and “winnowing wind” lull us softly into the last season of the year when most of us feel a bit fed up with the lack of sunshine and outdoors.

On a recent walk in my local area I was rewarded by many signs of autumn to fill me with a sense of calm and relaxation. Photos never do it justice but I hope you enjoy them nevertheless. This autumn make sure you take some time to slow down and enjoy our beautiful surroundings, as Keats did.