By: Blonde Two

Blondies and Blondettes, you are probably going to be very cross with me for saying this out loud, but I am afraid that I can’t keep it to myself.  Yesterday, on Wednesday September 4th 2013, I, Blonde Two, saw a sign of Autumn.  No, there were not kids playing conkers in the streets (do they still do that?), there were not lots of bright orange pumpkins in the shops and the sun didn’t set at ridiculously early o’clock.  Yesterday though, as clear as I am a Blonde, I saw some orange coloured leaves on the big horse chestnut tree at work.

I know, I know, nobody wants to hear the “A” word, particularly not a Blonde who is, after a month in New Zealand Winter, a bit on the seasonally confused side.  It would appear that, in the space of a week (oh my goodness, it feels much longer than that) I have managed to be in three different seasons.  My poor brain has no idea what weather is supposed to be happening.  This seasonal confusion has had an impact on my ability to getting dressed in the morning – I can now be seen every morning, wrapped in a towel, standing in front of my wardrobe looking desperately for an outfit that will cover the possibility of snow, heat and wind all in one day as well as looking smart enough for work.

The only possible solution to this problem that I can think of is to lace up my walking boots, throw on my rucksack and go for a walk on Dartmoor with Blonde One.  I know that this will at least solve the clothes issue because I carry clothes for all temperature, precipitation and appearance needs in my (much too heavy) rucksack.  For a wee few weeks, it even contained my red bikini.  Hopefully, once I am out on Dartmoor, my brain will start to work out what is going on.  The fresh air, the light levels and the smell of the place will help sort me out (has anyone else got the ability to smell Autumn)?

We all know that Autumn is not really bad.  In fact, if you could keep the light evenings, it would probably be my favourite season.  I love bonfires (you may have noticed), the smell of mist and stamping on dried leaves (I am a tad compulsive about that and have been known to go back to especially crunchy looking leaves that I have missed).  I am actually looking forward to Autumn walks and warm jumpers (partly because I bought so many merino ones in New Zealand).

Upon reflection (and what else is a blog for) maybe seasonal confusion isn’t such a bad thing after all … it does give a girl a good excuse for a hot water bottle at bedtime and a cuddle in front of the fire!