By: Blonde Two

You may remember that a couple of days a go I told you the rules of our recent NightNavOff competition.  I am hoping that you have memorised them in preparation for joining in with our next NightNavOff but, should you have failed to do so, here is a little reminder that Rule 7 was, “No secret weapons.”

You may not have ever noticed this life-fact but some secret weapons are so secret that even the people who need to use them don’t know they are there.  Let me explain. Team Blonde (remember that there were three of us) turned up for the challenge with just watches (distance), feet (shorter distance), compasses (direction) and maps (lumps and bumps). I mentioned that we set off on our route with two Dartmoor Rescue adjudicators but I haven’t really told you about Caleb.

At least Two of Team Blonde had met Caleb before but not really to chat to.  He is a good-looking chap and knows his way around Dartmoor well.  I am sure that he can tell a story or too!  Here is a picture of him posing for the camera.

caleb top tor (1)Being Blonde (us, not Caleb), it took us a little while into the NightNavOff challenge to even realise that we had a secret weapon with us.  Caleb had already walked the route once that day and obviously had a very good memory because, whenever we spotted his eyes glimmering ahead of us in the dark, they were in the direction that we should have been heading.  Not only that but Caleb made darn sure that we were working as a team because every time one of us was a bit distant from the other two, he did his very best to gather us together again.

I think by the end of the exercise, our secret weapon was getting a bit impatient with our human navigation skills.  He demonstrated this by making himself and the route home more and more obvious.  Although we did use our (slow but sure) human skills, I eventually got into the habit of checking that Caleb agreed with our decisions.

There is now an annexe to Rule 7.

Rule 7a – Secret weapons with glowing eyes and four legs are permissible.